Learning overpowers Understanding?

This is my first blog hope you will like this.

Being a student I came across different kind of students. The difference is not their gender or religion it’s about the way they study. Some are night owl others are early risers, some needs complete silence others are multi tasking, some are visual learners others are audio learners, and the difference continues. 
Most of the students say that learning and thus earning good marks is more important than understanding the topics. The competition is on the peak and if you want to achieve the goal you have to do it anyhow…..this  approach towards your exams is completely wrong.

  1. I understood the topic but I can’t solve the numericals.

  2. I can solve the numericals of the textbook though I don’t know what am I doing.

These are the two contradictory statements I heard from students.

For the first I would say if you can’t solve numericals then please revise your concepts time to time. 

For the second one I would say ask yourself the questions like what? Why? How? And if you get the answers then well and good but if you don’t then ask your teachers. Your concepts will get clear this way.

Never hesitate to ask questions.

So at the end I would say understanding should be your primary goal and learning be secondary. Complete both the tasks and you will achieve what you want.

Please share your views too.

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