I came across him

In the hope of finding path to the success

I came across him

some of my desires left incomplete

but he completed my life

like a zig zaw puzzle

he came and sat just in front of me

holding my hands

looked into my eyes

he said

“you are the most beautiful woman
I have ever seen
you may have the darkest past

but you are having the purest heart

that’s all I need

with a pause he continued

i will love you to the eternity

will you be my mother….”

said the orphaned child

with tears rolling down his eyes.

I am not doing what I loved But I love what I am doing

So,  this is the most common status among people around me.  Those who dreamt of being a future  doctor are today scattered  in different medical fields. I am in the B pharmacy field and I am actually loving  it. Most of the people here in my college are the ones who had a dream but came here by default. They say mistakes can do miracles if you  learn from them. 

And there are  countless number of famous people who came into their profession by default. 

So just give all your heart and efforts to the course or the profession  you are in because  if things don’t happen according to you then they are happening according to god.

All the very best