बात होती कुछ और

अगर मेरी सोच को शब्द मिल जाते

तो बात होती कुछ और

अगर मेरी धड़कन को सुर मिल जाते

तो बात होती कुछ और

अगर ज़िन्दगी की राह में केवल फूल बिछे होते

तो बात होती कुछ और

कलम सबसे ताकतवर शस्त्र होता है

पर उस कलम में स्याही भरी होती

तो बात होती कुछ और

ज़िन्दगी बीत गई मेरी केवल सोचते सोचते

उस सोच को सही शब्द मिल जाते

तो मेरी कहानी होती कुछ और

आज आखरी पल जी रही हूँ

अपने जीवन के मैं

काश वो कलम स्याही से भर जाती

तो बात होती कुछ और

हर सीख जीवन की भरती थी एक बूँद स्याही की उस कलम में

काश उतनी सीख ले लेती जीवन से

तो बात होती कुछ और

आज उस थोड़ी सी स्याही से

लिख रही हूँ कविता तुम सभी पढ़ने वालों के नाम

इस कविता से कुछ सीख लोगे

तो तुम्हारी कलम में आएगी एक बूँद स्याही की

और तुम्हारी कहानी होगी कुछ और।

The game of rhymes

The right time has come

Yes it’s there at your doorsteps

Go grab the opportunity

Don’t be in any type of ambiguity

You have this one life only

Try to live it boldly

Live for your dreams

Don’t just let it stay in your genes

Allow your brain to think

So it can solve the problems with a wink

Be a successful human

Let the happiness flow in your lumen

This game of rhymes will be over soon

But we will smile whether it’s day or noon

Thanks for reading the rhyme

Please take out some time

And smile 😊☺️🙂

Quote it

I wonder how for such a short period of time small group of people came together and shone as brightly as stars.

And then one by one they all fell away, like lights going into dark.

Panty liners

This blog is different from what I actually write always.

So this is just to aware people about panty liners.

In today’s world the scenario is like if a person is dying on road people will pass by him ignoring him but if a girl is having menstrual flow mark on her clothes then people will stare and laugh at her.

And hence panty liners are of great use as they are so thin and comfortable that you can use it on the days of less flow of menstrual blood.Use them just before when you expect your period to start or on the last days when your period is light. 

Oh no… You got me wrong, these are not for those strangers laughing at you knowing that this is natural but to save your pretty clothes from that mark😉

And you know what? These are actually much cheaper than regular sanitary napkins so yeah you can save more😵

You can also use them on a regular basis for vaginal discharge.

And yes there are some companies that markets reusable panty liners. So now discover more about these and tell me in comments if you know something else about panty liners.

Thanks for reading😊