Shadow of your soul

On a fine evening of winters

The whole room was filled with noise
I was not able to figure out what was happening
Something was pulling me…
Pulling me away… from you?
I tried to hold you tight
I was in a woeful plight
I cried… I cried a lot leaving you.

And then I was at a new place with bright light
I heard someone crying
I turned my eyes to that side
Oh my lord I saw goddess
It was you mom
So beautiful

Crying and smiling both at the same time
Looking at me with sparkle in your eyes
Since that day we are together

We grew up together in these 19years
And now even our souls are almost one,
Not two
I am your shadow, they say
And I am proud to hear it that way
You are the glitter in my eyes
Your are the smile on my lips
You are the ear ring on my ears
You are the clip that hold my hair

They tell me that I care for everyone like a mother
Yes because you are the care behind my actions
You are the words behind my voice
You are the inspiration behind my thoughts
You are the love I gave to others

I try to copy you every now and then
The way you keep your scarf
The way you laugh
The way you walk
While walking with you I try to match the rhythm of your footsteps
I love the way you allow me to hold your pinky finger with mine
As if with each step on the path

we are making a promise to each other

The way every morning a cup of tea gives us the energy to do gossips

Every moment spent with you is special to me

I have never said to you that I love you
But I know that you know I do.

I wish I will be a shadow of your soul one day.

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