From extrovert to introvert.

I myself is the most complicated soul I have ever seen.

My first name is so common still it becomes complicated because of the different spelling P_R_E_E_Y_A.

So yeah everytime I meet someone and the numbers are exchanged they save my contact as PRIYA and there my irritated soul says it’s preeya P..R..double E..YA.

Then at the first site I appear as the most talkative and extrovert kind of a person(normally people stay quiet) and then as you will start spending time with me you will realise that there could no one on this earth more introverted than me.

I love talking to people, to share my past experiences, my present life scenario and my future plans. I love making friends but I can’t keep them for long because of the change in my own character over a period of time as I change from extrovert to introvert.

It is difficult for me sometimes to understand myself but just with a single goal that is to live a peaceful life I am spending my days on earth.

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