Kenny Cridge

Kenny Cridge is the world’s oldest living man with DOWN’S SYNDROME.


Down’s syndrome is a genetic disorder in which third copy of chromosome 21 is present. The symptoms of this disorder are delayed physical growth, characteristic facial features and mild to moderate intellectual disability. The individuals suffering from down’s syndrome are at higher risk of early death than rest of the population due to some heart problems or respiratory problems.

Down’s syndrome is a fatal chromosomal disorder in which the life expectancy of an individual was only 12 years at the time of his birth. Kenny Cridge managed to survive this disorder and the people who take care of him at Wisteria House(care home) after his mother’s death, define him as a man who spreads positivity and happiness around him. He survived 78 years with the disorder and will surely live some more years, and this is possible because he had defied the odds and also because of his positive attitude towards life.

Yes this is true that the pictures of his 78th birthday celebration are not present on the search engines and neither in the news but it is also true that no news of his death has been published so far.

9 thoughts on “Kenny Cridge

  1. Hi,
    My uncle has Down syndrome. He was born 27.02.1938 and he’s still alive and will be 81 years old next Wednesday.
    He’s name is Audunn Gestsson from Iceland.
    Just for information.
    Best regards. ❤️

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