Novoneel Chakraborty

The second book from the stranger trilogy. Here with every revelation it seems the truth is far more twisted than one can imagine. Some mysteries are dangerously sexy.

Here are my favourite lines from the book.

  • The more you share your things with people, the more you invite opinion about yourself.
  • With love comes only one thing: honesty. And honesty is different from loyalty. Most of us never get this difference.
  • Cry, if that’s what you think will help, then do cry.
  • We presume a lot by merely looking at a road. But presumptions limit us, limit our life. You have to walk the road to really know what it has to offer.
  • Attention is aphrodisiac. The more you get it, the more important you will feel. The more important you will feel, the less you will know yourself.
  • All your answers lie within you.

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