Novoneel Chakraborty

So finally I completed the stranger trilogy and it was such an amazing experience while reading it. I have become a fan of Novoneel and he is so handsome too💞

So here are my favourite lines from the novel.

  • Peace is an illusion created by either ignorance or acceptance.
  • Conclusions are made very swiftly, but to break them one needs time.
  • Pain is a seed. And it often grows into a tree we call strength.
  • To forget a hurt, we subconsciously seek a bigger and deeper hurt. Happiness is a vacation. Hurt is our home.
  • Life’s not about what you have. It’s about how much and how easily you let go of what you have.
  • The depth of man’s love was evident in the way he reminisces about his girl.
  • When you choose someone, you are by default embracing all the consequences the choice may bring along.
  • The worst space to be in- to see someone like a horizon, visible but not attainable.
  • Worse, growing up doesn’t only happen as we turn eighteen. Growing up happens as our soul keeps swallowing these depressing acceptances little by little, one at a time. For no acceptance can happen overnight. It’s a bit by bit process.
  • It’s unbelievable how a seemingly small decision of ours can proliferate into our worst nightmare.
  • One of the weakest thing about humans is we can be easily influenced. We are inherently gullible though we are one of the most intelligent creatures.
  • Our everyday fight is between what we are holding on to and what we are letting go of. What we let go of changes us, what we hold on to alters us. Changes are irreversible. Alternations are not.

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