Never Say Goodbye

-Susan Lewis

The story of a friendship which started with an uncertainty and over the span of time the two women became the best version of themselves because of each other’s support.

Here presenting my favourite lines from this extremely compelling book.

  • Each one of us come into this world alone and alone is how we travel it and how we leave it.
  • No pens, no computers, no telephones, no way of contacting their loved ones at all and yet somehow the souls seemed to be in touch.
  • The trouble with plucking up the courage to do something you really didn’t want to; once you had there was no going back.
  • People analyse every last detail of a problem, picking it apart and running themselves round in circles until half the time they ended up making things ten times worse.
  • The salt of the earth.(phrase)
  • Reality was like tearing pages from a beloved book: it wouldn’t make any sense without the them and there was nothing to fill the space.
  • We are all angels in our way, just not for everyone and not always for long.

  • What goes around comes around.
  • Hope was turning to dust, dreams were fading to nothing.
  • The heaven is right here on earth; miracles are everywhere and angels are in everyone.