Do you believe in prayers? Ever felt that you have asked for something and god blessed you with that? Do you believe in the power of almighty?
If the answer to atleast one of the above questions is YES then you can continue reading otherwise your choice.


So, I am sure that atleast once a week you hear an ambulance siren. Does that sound make your heart skip a beat?
I feel uncomfortable whenever I listen to that sound and I can’t understand the reason for this. May be out of selfishness I do pray God to give a day of my life to that person in the ambulance and to bless the family. I said selfishness because I don’t know who is inside that vehicle with the beautiful red light on top, that person could be associated with me… Could be.

Well I am sharing this with you because I believe in prayers and I assume that if about 30people who hear that siren pray for the person may be he/she will get to live a month more.
Isn’t that amazing just by giving 1day of your life, the stranger gets a month more to live.
🌻Live and Let live🌻



Have the power to switch off your brain.

🌿When you are surrounded by a lot of people there are many random thoughts that come to your mind and they start from a small word and you unconsciously knit a story in your mind.

Your brain is active 24×7, what if you have the power to switch it off?
I tried… I tried many times to shut my brain off by telling myself to think NOTHING. Guess what? The brain still is so hyperactive that there are some continuous echos of the word NOTHING in my brain. Weird right? Yes it is.

If you will try to be in a room which has no furniture and it is dark inside even then complete absence of mind cannot be achieved. Why so?
The reason is that we are in control of our body while the vice versa is what one should achieve i.e. the body should be in your control including the most sophisticated organ “Brain”. You must train your body the way you want it to be. Instead of setting alarm on your phone it’s time to use your body clock to wake you up in the morning. Instead of using phone early morning as soon as you open your eyes it’s time to get 5minutes for meditation, just close your eyes, smile and sit in peace. Instead of forgetting things you need to do in a day, just take out two minutes to write the to do list. Instead of trying new ways of addiction to follow the trend of trying everything, get addicted to your passion. The passion for reading, writing, photography, dancing, singing, acting… Anything that doesn’t let the education system to kill your creativity.

You are powerful enough to control your brain, your body. Just believe in yourself and remember that you are not ordinary and hence you are not sent by God just to spend your life on earth. You are here to live your life, to live every damn moment of your life.

Live and Let Live🌼