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Small Goals lead to Big Success

Setting your goals is the first step toward success and the second step is the continuous effort and improvement to achieve what you desire to have.

Thank you everyone for the being so supportive.

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Chehre post 2

Why I asked you this question?

I am among those 36% and I wake up almost everyday at 5:30am. I said almost, because I do cheat from my normal morning routine on some weekends. I wanted to know how many of you are like me so thanks for responding.

And also I want to encourage people to wake up early as that is the first step to spend a productive day and a successful life.

Here are my 3Advantages of starting your day early(5-6am)

1. Better sleep

Quality of sleep is not directly proportional to the number of hours you spend on your bed. So if you build a habit of sleeping at the same time daily you will surely feel some positive change in your life.

“Early to bed Early to rise

Makes a human healthy, wealthy and wise”

2. Increased Productivity

When you wake up early you actually increase the number of workable hours of your day.

When you will do every basic task smoothly, your soul will be relaxed and when you will sit down to perform your work you will be able to focus more and perform well.

If you start it correctly, it will continue properly.


Only few people wake up early and it will give you a feeling of being the only person on this planet, so you can have 1-2hours where only YOU EXIST.( That means you can spend time with yourself for improving as an individual)

You can feel the cold breeze, you can hear the birds chirping instead of those irritating horn honks.

Waking up early is the best way to feed your soul with positive thoughts and make your mind full of peace.


Being a morning bird or a night owl is your choice just ensure that you are living a productive and peaceful life. Be punctual and be honest to yourself that what you are doing is right and it will lead you to a happy day and in long term will help you achieve the lifestyle that you desire to have.

बिछड़े दोस्तों के नाम

जब पास थे तो

लड़ते ही रिहते थे।

हम वो सिक्के थे जो

खन्नकते ही रेहते थे।।

ज़िन्दगी ने रचा एक खेल

और दूर इतना कर दिया।

खन्नक तो अब भी होती है।

पर कानों में आवाज़ की जगह

सिर्फ और सिर्फ गूँज होती है।।

तेरे बचपन से ही तुझे मैं जानती हूँ।

तेरे जिस्म की ख़ुशबू को पहचानती हूँ।
तेरे बचपन से ही तुझे मैं जानती हूँ।
तेरी ज़िन्दगी का हर लम्हा जानती हूँ।
क्योंकि हर उस लम्हें को मैं
अपनी ज़िन्दगी का भी हिस्सा मानती हूँ।
यूँ तो ठहरना आता नहीं मुझे
फ़िर जाने क्यों तेरे पास होने पर
समय को भी मैं रोक देना चाहती हूँ।
मिल जाती हूँ जल सी हर तरह के लोगो में
बस तेरे ही साथ अपनी अलग पहचान बना पाती हूँ।
वो एक हँसी तेरे चेहरे पर देखने को सब कर जाती हूँ
पर हर दुःख का कारण भी खुद ही बन जाती हूँ।
तेरी ज़िन्दगी के हर रंग पर मैं अपना हक माँग लेती हूँ
कुछ लम्हो को तुझसे ही चुरा अपना बना लेती हूँ।

Chehre Post 1

On October 25, I asked one question to all the girls who follow me on Instagram in order to take the views of others before coming to any conclusion just on the basis of my perception.

The question was “How do you respond to a boy who offers you his seat in the metro or bus?” and then I also asked the boys to tell the way girls treated them when they show this positive gesture.

At first I would like to tell you all from where did the thought came to my mind.

So one day I boarded a public bus to travel from college to home and among few boys I was the only girl standing. A man aged between 22-25 years without saying anything stood up and asked me to sit through gestures.

I felt so grateful towards him and with a smile I said Thank You! I was observing him and there was no sign of regret on his face. After almost half an hour when I was about to get out of the bus I wanted him to sit back but he was at a distance and was looking opposite side so then I left the bus without doing anything.

But this over thinking disorder made me feel bad that I didn’t called him to sit back and he had to travel another 20 minutes standing because of me. Then another thought hit my already crowded mind and being a human I did the same thing which all of us do, I made myself believe that other girls don’t even say thanks so what I did was more than enough.

The reason I asked for your views

When I felt bad even after showing gratitude towards that stranger there is a huge percentage of girls who get very offended even if the boy’s intention was not bad and they start giving him a lecture on gender equality saying she is equally strong. I respect the views of you all but if you feel like you should not take the seat or you don’t want the seat you can refuse politely. This way you will do what you want to without hurting the self-respect of the other person.

There is a very fine line between fighting for your rights and stealing the right of others and you should know the difference.

You may think that there are no such girls but out of the 23 girls who replied to my Instagram story 6 were there who think in the same manner and sometimes they respond to those men rudely. And on the other side only one out of seven boys heard the word THANKS from girl, for leaving the seat.


I made the conclusion from some of the best replies I received from the girls.

Next time when some man offers you his seat in a metro or bus then if you feel that you are tired enough and need the seat please be kind to yourself and sit. Also make sure you say thanks to the guy with a smile to let him know that what he did was a positive gesture. And you can also save the next vacant seat for him.

My dear girls next time you see a man with a child or heavy luggage, Please offer him your seat because that is what gender equality is about.

The seats in the public transport are limited but the country is second most populated in the world so be kind to those who are in need more than you irrespective of age and gender.

Spread positive energy and you will get more of it.

I is the hope for me

I know I am like all of them still I want to be different.
I know that I am a part of that crowd but I will look different.
I know I cannot change the world but atleast I can be the change.

I will be the change and I will bring the change.
I is not a letter of arrogance and ego , I is the letter of hope for me.

Letter to him❤️

We all miss our better half sometimes and at such a moment I collected all my thoughts for the love of my life and penned them down as a letter in the form of a poem.

At times all I want is you
I want to tightly hug you
And I want to cry hard
Not because I am upset
Or because life is a mess
But to throw my feelings out
I need an empty space to shout
I miss you every moment
My body is always surrounded
With a crowd of people
Some are known, some unknown
But my soul, my dear
My soul is all alone in the crowd
For you only, it cries out loud
I miss
The touch of your skin
Those eyes searching for me
The fragrance of your soul
That smile of yours
I want you to be with me 24×7
No matter what the place is,
Hell or heaven.
I don’t want diamond ring or bungalow
Or tickets to some expensive show
All I ask you to give me is your time
Stealing moments from busy life is not a crime
Be mine forever Mr.Love
-Yours and only yours love.

A humble plea to every wordpress blogger

Hello fellow bloggers,

I got to come across a set of beautiful art work which delivers profound and heartfelt messages from a wonderful artist who is going through alot right now.

I think her works need an appreciation and a platform to showcase her abilities and talents. So I offered a space on my blog for her.

Hope you do too via A humble plea to every WordPress Blogger

Visit the link and look at her amazing work and if you live in Mumbai and want paintings to make your walls look beautiful, do contact her.

Thank you😊


ThePrerak is an Instagram page which have the most amazing quotes in English as well as in Hindi.

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Here I am enlisting my favorite 20 English quotes.

1.NO Has always been stronger and hence tougher to say as compared to YES.

2.The beauty you see outside, reflects your soul’s true side.

3.Opportunities are made to be seized.

4.It may be a tough day but then it will pass away.

5.Live your dreams otherwise you will see someone else living them.

6.Beauty lies within heart and brain not on skin.
Fall in love with intelligence and purity of heart not for the skin type.

7.First deserve, then desire.

8.Your conscientiousness will surely benefit you someday.

9.If you want to live in a peaceful surrounding, first bring peace within yourself.

10.Be calm and do your work.
Everyone will see them clapping when you succeed but only you have heard their roar of profanity.
Let your accomplishments answer their words.

11.Be with someone who add peace to your life, not with the one who put your life into pieces.

12.Life is all about inspiring and uplifting each other.
Keep inspiring.

13.All of us once in our life conjecture that we are on the wrong path but we are always on the right path till we believe in the power inside us.

14.The best way to show philocaly is by admiring it not by having greed for it.
{Philocaly is the love of beauty}

15.Rather than avoiding the problem in life
Face the problem, feel the problem and enjoy the problem
The problem will surely take a step back.

16.By walking alone on the roads you might reach your destination earlier but you will feel lethargic.
Walking with someone you love makes the path memorable you may reach a bit late but you will be more peaceful and productive.

17.If you are suffering from any physical or emotional trauma then let me tell you that you will get well soon and there is a beautiful life waiting for you.
“For getting something good in life we all have to suffer for a short while.”

18.Everyone face problems in their life but no problem is as huge as we think it to be.
All you need to do it to carefully look and understand it and then you will surely find a way to come out of that problem.
So never get stressed due to a problem and don’t make it more complex in hurry.
So be patient and move towards your goal step by step.

19.Life of a disciplined person is surely difficult and solitary but it is never wasteful.

20.The most difficult thing in life is to live a simple life.