🥀 Inktober 2019


🌻We humans use ornaments to beautify our already beautiful bodies. I also love wearing jewellery. I have a huge Collection of ear rings of different types and pendants, necklaces of all occasions. I have colorful hairbands and beautiful rings. I use all these as weapons to defeat the negative thoughts that come to my mind about myself.

🌻But there is somethings I don’t like to wear. Those are the jewellery that are worn on wrist.

🌻I feel like they stop me from being myself, they try to pull me back and strain all my energy. I can’t even wear watch for long time. So no bangles, bracelets, watches, bands, not even the holy threads… Let my hands be free and you will not suffer by the fire of my anger. I hate it, like I really hate it alot when someone grasp my wrist because I feel they are trying to overpower me and I don’t like dominant people.

This was a little story from my life that I wrote for the Inktober theme “ornament” of day 17.



🥀Inktober 2019
Day16: WILD

🌻Wild is what I am on weekends. I love to do art on every weekend because if studies are important then art is requirement.
I make my room a mess with everything stacked everywhere without any arrangement during the span of a week. And weekends are basically to clean that mess but all I do is use my phone, est potato chips, drink lots of water and make my room more messy.

🌻According to the definition of WILD it is someone who is not civilised and is indiscipline. That is what I am on Sundays so I justify today’s Inktober theme.

To dear जनाब


भूल जाती हूँ अक्सर चीज़ों का मोल

इंसान की नीयत का याद रहता है तोल

ज़िन्दगी में आपकी भी तो अनेक है झोल

आईए जनाब खोलते है आज आपकी पोल


जो ये जानकर भी बनते हो अनजान।

ज़िन्दगी के रंग मंच की बढ़ाते हो शान।।

केवल दीवारों से लगाने आते है कान।

या रखते हो आप जीवन का कुछ ज्ञान।।


यूँ जो हँसी के पीछे जलन हो छिपाते।

गलती से कह जाते हो दिल की बातें।।

फिर मन ही मन आप होंगे पछताते।

भ्रम है आपका कि सबको आप है भाते।।


फिर एक दिन दिल आपका भी टूटा।

बर्बाद करने वाला खुद ही था रूठा।।

देखा मैंने भी आपका तेवर अनूठा।

आपकी बात ना मानने वाला है झूठा?


हर दिन आप दिखाते है नए नए रूप।

अँधकार ले आते है चाहे रात हो या धूप।।

जहाँ होता है बोलना वहाँ रहते है मूक।

आपसे तो हो ही नहीं सकती कोई चूक।।


कमाल करते है आप भी जनाब।

कि मेहनत नहीं करनी पैसा कमाना है बेहिसाब।।

अजी जी तो लोगे इस कदर ये जीवन आप।

पर इस तरह खुश रहेंगे कैसे भला आप।।


-प्रिया नेगी


🥀Inktober 2019

🌻Make a mountain out of a molehill🌻
That’s what most people are doing nowadays. People are using social media as a platform to REACT while the prime idea of social media platforms is to ACT. You are expected to share what you feel with others and not to judge others by their way of sharing thoughts.


🥀Inktober 2019
Day13: ASH

🌻A LiEghter can burn everything including the emotions of a person.
Trust is the foundation of any new relationship so never lie to the people who matter in life.

🌻No matter whatever the reason is, A Lie is A Lie.



🌻Everything that happen in your life have a bit of magic in it. Either it happened because of a magic or it resulted in one.

🌻Here I have tried to picturize the most important things of my life and I have stories that appear magical related to all of them.
🌼Love: My love story is of love at first site that too at the age of 5 and everyday adds a new page to the story.
🌼Poetry: I wrote the first poetry in English because of a 2minute incident that took place in front of me in 2016. And after each line I write, I get peace within.
🌼Colors: They keep the creative me alive. Also I love artists.
🌼Books: You can live many lives in a single life by reading books.
🌼Basketball: It have engraved the skills to work in a team in me. I have completely different personalities on the court and off the court, I don’t know the reason but this is true.
🌼Friends: They keep on changing with the change in cubicles but yes they are really important in life. Some are forever constant while some stay for a specific time period.
Note for friends- No matter how long you stay, I will always cherish the good moments spent with you. No grudges from my side ever.
🌻Hope all of you are doing well💓 Spread love.


Day06: HUSKY
🌻Why this theme? May be because it is Sunday and Sunday is a lazy day. So, a theme that will not put me in a state of brain storming.

🌻If you have read my long captions earlier then you probably know that I am a box full of stories of my life.
So I would like to share the name, I have decided to give my pet dog, if I will ever get one that is “मर्ज़”
Because I believe that dogs can absorb all the negative energy around you and can fill you with immense amount of positivity. If you don’t trust me you can try a small test. The next time you will see a dog look straight in his eyes, that purity and love will surely make you calm.

P.S.- Don’t use this name for your pet, it will break my heart if you will do it before me.