YouTube Channel Preeya Negi

Writing blogs here on WordPress under the name BlackDiary for about four years now. In all these years I observed, most people don't have to time to read poems, when poetry videos are available on YouTube and other social platforms. So I created the YouTube Channel "BlackDiary PreeyaNegi". This in not going to be a … Continue reading YouTube Channel Preeya Negi

2020 Review of My Life #ThankYouThursday

#ThankYouThursday Thank you! Year 2020. Dear 2020Just like human beings, you were also imperfect. Everyone talked a lot about the bad stuff you brought into their lives, but as it's time to bid you farewell, people are looking back and appreciating your presence. Do you remember how excited I was for you? I was considering … Continue reading 2020 Review of My Life #ThankYouThursday

Pyjamas are Forgiving [Twinkle Khanna]

Novel_Read_22 Pyjamas are Forgiving -Twinkle Khanna At starting of the story things seem all messy and I felt like, why am I reading about Ayurvedic science in a novel about pyjamas? Well I guess this in-depth description of everything happening inside a Shanthamaaya spa in Kerala, didn't worked for me. Though it was descriptive and … Continue reading Pyjamas are Forgiving [Twinkle Khanna]

Review You are the Best Wife [Ajay K. Pandey]

Novel_21 You are the Best Wife -Ajay K. Pandey This is highly recommended to readers. This book by Mr. Pandey is not just a love story, but a source of many life lessons. You will learn that how the author faced everything that the life offered him gracefully. Gratitude to Friends for this Gift Thanks … Continue reading Review You are the Best Wife [Ajay K. Pandey]